My work focuses on creating vibrant and colorful illustrations, logos and designs.
More about me
My name is Marven Laguerre and I am a New York based illustrator and graphic designer who creates beautiful detailed illustrations. I started illustrating at a young age and later studied graphic design. I’m currently in my Junior year at Mercy College getting my BFA in graphic design. I have a passion for art, music, technology and love nature. When I’m not designing or illustrating, I play games or listen to music.
What I do 
Logo design 
Print design 
Digital painting  
Adobe Awards
Summer 2018 ANOREXIA
Spring 2018 APPLE SERIES
Behance Featured Project
Summer 2020 RAINBOW
Spring 2020 MULAN
Autumn 2018 DEVICES
Summer 2018 LUNA
Advanced illustration skills 
Adobe Creative Suite
Intermediate Adobe After Effects 
Microsoft Office
Familiar with HTML, CSS, AutoCAD
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